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The View From My Tractor Seat
2013 brings new challenges to the farm tractor industry. EPA is demanding that emissions can no longer be tampered with nearly to the extent as they have in the past. EPA will begin imposing their new tier-4 standards which means new tractors in 2013 will go the way of the auto industry, many more electronic circuit boards and fully computer controlled engines. This will add significantly to the price of new 2013 units, and will greatly discourage new owners from working on their own tractor. 2013 is here. New units will be showing up soon and a new era will begin. If you are in the market for a new tractor, go buy a new 2012, Tier 3, if you can find it. Your LS tractor dealer may have a few good ones left.

For those of you operating older tractors (some 2010 and all diesels built before) be sure you are using a lubricity additive in your fuel. It will help preserve your injector pump, injectors and many of the seals that come in contact with ultra-low sulfur diesel since the sulfur content dropped from 500ppm to 15ppm mandated in Alaska in 2010. Seals tend to dry out, shrink and leak. Enjoy your tractor, take good care of it and be safety minded.

Randy Nabb
Alaska Tractor